Written By: Cassidy Wayant & Jonathan Davis
Video: Sky Makai (SkyMakai.com)
Photography: Jonathan Davis
Staging: Mahalo Hale (MahaloHale.com)

We shoot a lot of high-end properties. But it isn’t every day that we get to shoot a crown jewel like this one.

Perched on the highest point on the land, with its spectacular full ocean and golf course views, this seven-bedroom, eight-bathroom estate required some extra attention. 

When discussing the property features and selling points with Venture Sotheby’s listing agents Kai Ioh and Emil Knish, it was important for them that the media we produce would highlight both the unique, elevated location overlooking the 10th hole of Hualalai Resorts Ke’olu golf course, as well as the lifestyle, luxuries and attention to detail in the home itself, melding into one solid depiction of the next owner’s Hawaiian paradise dream. We all concluded that besides using traditional photography to market this property, it would be best to produce a cinematic video to help tell the story of this home.

As all storylines need an establishing shot, we wanted to start our tour using aerial views to highlight the location and proximity to the big blue off in the distance. We were very fortunate to have an extraordinarily clear shooting day, with small puffs of cumulus clouds floating over the volcanic backdrop of Hualalai and crisp direct sunlight hitting the green at just the right angles.

This bird’s-eye view is only the beginning for this storybook Hawaiian home. Now we need to pull the viewers attention inside. As the driveway gates open, the unique stone pavers lined with greenery direct the viewer’s eye through the courtyard to the horizon of turquoise visible in the distance, creating both magic and a sense of intrigue. As we traverse the roofline, we are immediately greeted by the picturesque panorama of the Pacific Ocean. Viewers can almost feel the cool tropical breeze as they take in the open floor plan of this classic and modernly designed home, so skillfully staged by Valerie Delahaye of Mahalo Hale Staging.

With a property of this size, it’s important to be selective when presenting a video. For one, you want the video to be short. People’s attention spans are shortening and for that reason we’ve decided that showing every one of the seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms (almost all with outdoor showers, too!) might be a little too much to include in the video. The second reason is that video gives you the ability to tell your story by showing only parts of the home that contribute to the narrative, while photos and 3D tours allow the viewer to put together more of the story on their own.

Traveling through the home, we capture the warmth and versatility of the gourmet kitchen, before heading out to the lanai for a breath of fresh Hawaiian air and where a richly colored backyard paradise awaits.

The drop-off infinity pool creates the feeling of an endless ocean, allowing the viewers’ imagination to go wild. To be honest, at times we’d find ourselves just gazing out at the view, completely neglecting our production duties. That’s how powerful it is!

After playing outside, it’s time to show some rooms! In one of the master suites, the freestanding tub and open shower in the bathroom give the viewers a bit of eye candy to indulge their physical perceptions. The spa-like qualities of the space are revealed once again through the tasteful staging, which also serves to highlight the dreamy outdoor shower and tropical flora.

Continuing, viewers are shown the other master suite, additional bedrooms, luxury guest baths, and a detached ohana, while strolling through tropical walkways donned in torch ginger and lush greenery.

Finally, to fully demonstrate the allure of this enchanting property, we end this visual story with a transition into twilight hours, also known as the golden hour (we could only wish it would actually be an hour long). Including the golden hour in real estate marketing creates a familiar intimacy where viewers can see themselves at home enjoying the space. The warm glow and the vibrant colors of dusk create an unforgettable image that will have any potential buyer swooning. Fade to black, aaand it’s a wrap.

The power of collaboration

Photographing this property was a tremendous feat but a complete pleasure, primarily due to our collaboration with other local professionals such as Sky Makai, who completely saved the day with his top notch video and editing skills. This comes to show that working in collaboration with your competition only makes you look stronger and ultimately serves the client with a better product. Chapeau to Mahalo Hale, who staged the entire property over months of hard work, curating and minding every detail of how this house looks.

This project was a pleasure to put together, and we hope that you enjoy this visual walkthrough as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Visit the listing website at www.kaupulehuestate.com

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