Who we are.

When I first started my real estate photography business here in Hawaii in 2011, professional real estate photography was expensive, slow to produce and reserved only for high end luxury properties. Smaller properties would typically get low quality cell phone photos, if any at all.

By identifying the need for high quality real estate photography, we’ve created affordable packages which ANY agent could afford to market ANY property. Today our company serves over 200 of the Big Island and Hawaii's top real estate, hospitality and design professionals. Providing top notch photos and video along with cutting edge imaging technologies and marketing expertise.


Owner & Lead Photographer


Social Media Manager


Aerial and Video Specialist


Digital Editing

Mission Statement

As the Big Island's preferred real estate photography and marketing service, we combine our creativity, innovation and years of experience to offer the most advanced, simple and reliable solutions for producing and distributing real estate related media. We have a strong commitment to support the real estate community and present you and your property accurately and ethically. Through continuous improvement, we strive to meet and exceed the expectations of or clients, business partners and industry as a whole.

We’re part of your team

Here at 'Spaces' we like to think of ourselves as an indispensible part of your marketing team. We will know how you work, what your preferences are and make sure to proactively help grow your business. If you are a seasoned professional, we can help you tap into the latest and greatest technological innovations, help strengthen your brand and put your marketing dollars to their best use staying ahead of your competition.

Technological prowess

Our streamlined workflow is highly dependent on staying on top of the news technologies available to our industry. As the first company on island to introduce drone photography and Matterport 3D Virtual reality tours, we understand how important it is to constantly find new ways to wow sellers and entice buyers. In this day and age of high computing power and increasing innovation in the field of imagery, we are well positioned to take advantage of the newest tech available and make it easily accessible to our clients at the lowest possible cost.

Our core values

We thrive on wowing our clients and making a difference in their experiences, no matter where, or how great or small. We embrace and drive change to stay fresh, relevant and interesting, individually and as a team. We enjoy a collaborative, team atmosphere where all ideas are worthwhile and welcomed. We create an enjoyable atmosphere while taking great personal pride to ensure exceptional work that stands out. We believe in the spirit of innovation, professionalism and creativity. We encourage thinking ahead and learning something new every day. We value each other, our clients, photographers, partners and vendors. We are passionate and proud, yet humble and respectful. We foster social responsibility to meet legal and ethical high standards.