As a Realtor, You Don’t Just Want Great Photos…

When you’re trying to get more sellers to list their properties with you, you'll need images and marketing that match your market and brand.

Some Realtors try and justify the use of cheaper photography because they say that it’s not worth spending too much on marketing and that no one would tell the difference anyways.

The problem with this approach is that those low quality images and videos these Realtors are using are damaging their reputation for as long as they are visible online, even long after the property sold. If your photos and other visual marketing elements are not making those potential sellers stop in their tracks and think to themselves, “Wow, I’d love to have that Realtor sell my house!” then those images shouldn’t be used. This is one area you do not want to compromise on!

In fact, poor quality photos may even be causing that Realtor to lose clients….

A Few Samples of Our Work

You Want Your Listing Photos and Media To Be Doing These Three Things:

Match Your Brand

If your business is trying to be seen as high-quality seller representation, then your photos and associated media need to match that level of quality or potential sellers will see a disconnect. It’s all about branding, and ensuring continuity between all that you do, including the photos and media that you use.

Maximize Your Value

Regardless of your positioning in your market, when you use high impact, professional photography, you’re telling the world that you care about how you represent your sellers,  because your level of service and visual branding look incredible, your value as a listing agent is perceived to be higher. And in most cases is!

Achieve Outcome

Home buyers and sellers alike are attracted to home listings that look amazing online or in print material. If the photos don’t look appealing, then they’ll move on to the next listing, or turn to the next page in a magazine. With just a few seconds to grab a viewers attention, effective photography is a must for every listing, and the results will speak for themselves.

Potential buyers usually don’t see the property first, but it’s the photos and videos of your listing that they see online, and that’s where you need to invest in quality photography because if you don’t then they’ll move on to one of your competitors listings that looks better.

If you’re looking for a photography company that will help you meet those three targets then that’s where we can help …

Spaces808: The Secret Weapon Behind Hawaii’s Top Producing Realtors

A Few Samples of Our Work

Spaces808 - A full service Hawaii real estate photography company.

We specialize in real estate photography and media production across the Big Island and throughout the state of Hawaii. We consistently deliver exceptional photography, amazing videos, prompt and efficient service and professional insight to help our clients grow bigger and better businesses.

With Spaces808 as your strategic partner, you can be sure that your listings are being represented in the most accurate, honest and visually appealing way. Buyers, sellers and your fellow agents will appreciate it!

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Our Services:

Interior Photography

The interior photographs of a real estate listing require the right lighting, the perfect composition, and a good understanding of how images are perceived by a buyer. With the end goal being not just a record of a space but of images that spark curiosity and invite the viewer into the story that you want to share. The goal is to emphasize the property’s sellable qualities while downplaying the less attractive features.

Twilight Photography

Daytime photos work well for homes with ocean views and strong exterior colors that look great when the sun is hitting them. In fact, most homes in Hawaii are expected to be shot during the daytime.

However, a lot of properties can benefit from a twilight photo shoot when the glow of the lights inside, the absence of shadows from the sun, and a stunning sunset combine to create a strong and visually appealing image with a warm and inviting feeling.

Twilight photos also more closely portray the atmosphere and setting homeowners can expect to experience themselves as these are the hours when most people are home at the end of their day, creating a stronger emotional connection for the potential buyer

Advanced Photo Editing & Virtual Staging

Every image we produce is carefully and professionally edited to deliver the most impressive results. However sometimes some design elements may be overlooked, weather may be less than perfect on the day of the shoot, the lawn hasn’t perfectly grown in or needed repairs have not yet been performed.

In most cases, our dedicated photo editors can swap out a cloudy sky with a beautiful clear blue sky, fill in a patchy or discolored lawn, add fire to a fireplace, hide appliance wires, and even completely furnish a vacant room using virtual staging or convert a daytime photo into twilight. If you’re not sure, just ask, it can probably be done!

Real Estate Video Production

Property Walk-through Video

This is our entry level video, designed to show the flow of a house, typically starting at the entrance and making way through the important areas of the house using short cinematic cuts and transitions. This video focuses only on the interior and exterior of the property, and is shot during daytime hours.

Cinematic Property Video

Just as it sounds, this is basically a movie-quality video, utilizing many short and thought-out video sequences telling a story about the house and what it feels like to be there.

Cinematic videos show the house and surroundings, emphasizing style, design and detail, and include both daytime and twilight footage. These videos typically take at least full day to produce and may involve the use of drones, stabilizers, and other various equipment typically used on larger productions.

Depending on your goals and budget, we can include everything from models, staging, luxury lifestyle clips, narration and anything else you could imagine!

Lifestyle / Community Video

When you’re marketing a community, or neighborhood that affords a certain lifestyle, this can be a strong tool in the ongoing marketing of properties in that community.

The video would focus on community amenities and perceived lifestyle rather than focusing on an individual property. These videos are perfect for agents who like to “farm” properties a certain area and can benefit from using this video to market multiple listings.

Agent Biography Video

Introduce yourself to the world! After a quick on-camera interview we will spend a day with you and film “a day in your life”, both as a “civilian” and as a real estate professional. Showing both your human qualities as well as your abilities as a realtor and what differentiates you from the rest.

A video like this really helps gain the trust of a potential client, even before you meet them. Which really puts you ahead of the game when selecting an agent. These videos are a great investment and can be put to use year after year.

Aerial Photography - A Different Point of View

Sometimes, you need a different perspective to show otherwise invisible features of your property, such as that new roof or PV system, large acreage, proximity to landmarks and other attractions.

By using drone and other aerial photography platforms, we are able to capture these features and create striking images that pack a lot of valuable information for your audience.

A Few Samples of Our Aerial Photography

Orthomosaic Maps and 3D Land Models

Using advanced aerial technologies also allow us to create satellite quality, distortion free orthomosaic maps of very large areas of land while still conforming to the FAA’s strict flight altitude limitations (great for coffee farm surveys and other AG projects). We can also produce digital 3D models of large areas of land, including structures and topography.

Matterport 3D Virtual Reality Tours

Matterport 3D virtual tours are a cutting edge, immersive way of showcasing a space in the highest level of detail possible today.

Through the use of a sophisticated camera, we can capture a very accurate 3D representation of your property, which is fully navigable. Just swipe through the home on your tablet, computer or smartphone. Or mail out branded cardboard virtual reality headsets to potential buyers and have them walk through the house as if they were actually there.

State-of-the-Art Expanded View

The dollhouse view shows an expanded view of the house with the walls removed, showing incredible detail and providing otherwise overlooked information about how the house was designed and constructed. Insurance companies also love Matterport 3D virtual tours as it provides them with extra assurance as to the nature of the house they are underwriting.

How can a Matterport 3D tour of your listing help you?

Provide Information

Matterport 3D virtual tours provide indispensable information about a home, it’s layout and functionality. It saves people time and money when searching online, and provides further disclosure as to the condition of a property, as details cannot be easily manipulated or “photoshopped”.

Give Control

Matterport 3D Virtual tours put the power in the viewers hands. Unlike in video where you’re only showing the best features of the room and understating the less desirable aspects, Matterport allows the viewer to decide where to go, and what to look at with practically no restrictions.

Show Professionalism

The consistent use of Matterport positions you as a professional who evaluates the most current marketing tools and knows when to apply them. Showing that you are one step ahead in providing your customers with the absolute best marketing money can buy.


Spaces808 Offers a 100%, No Questions Asked, Totally Unbeatable Guarantee With Absolutely No Risk to You.

If you are not satisfied with the photographs we will either come back and shoot again, or you can hand the photos back and pay nothing.

All the risk is laid on our shoulders – we shoot the photos, and you be the judge. The decision is completely up to you or the homeowners.

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