Real estate photography in Kailua-Kona

Why does image quality matter in real estate sales, and how can great photography help a real estate agent make more sales? Let’s take a look …

You don’t need great photos to sell a home

As you know a home can be sold with a photo taken on a smartphone, and plenty of homes have sold with wobbly, poorly composed images. Provided the home is priced correctly and presents well then it will sell eventually, although it might take longer than the average days on market.

You don’t need a professional photographer to sell real estate.

As a real estate agent you need great photos to sell you!!

As a real estate agent you need great photos to sell you!!

In order to be one of the top sellers in the Kailua-Kona real estate market then the photos you use in your campaign have to match your brand.

I know that some agents make the mistake of thinking that a low-priced home only deserves poor photos, or they say that it’s not worth spending much because it’s not worthwhile.

However, the problem with that is that every time that agent uses lower quality photos then they are hurting their reputation. When the photos don’t look good and they don’t make buyers say, “That looks great!”, then those photos aren’t making the real estate agent look great either.

That’s not what a real estate agent wants at all.

What should the photos be doing for a real estate agent’s brand?

The purpose of these photos is not just to attract buyers to the home, but they should be promoting you in three ways:

Build Your Brand

A Kailua-Kona real estate agent who wants to be seen as a leader and expert marketer needs to use images that support that level of professionalism.

Bring More Clients

Buyers and sellers are attracted to agents that aren’t just another apple in the apple box. They want someone who offers something special.

Match Your Position

An agent who is an excellent negotiator and salesperson needs to match that reputation with photos that reflect their status.

The data says image quality matters

An article in Forbes draws from this infographic and says:

“Consumers expect a first class visual experience when they shop or browse online, and they are rewarding companies that give them what they want. The numbers tell the tale …

– 67% of consumers say that an image is “very important” when selecting a product.

– More than 50% of consumers think a high-quality photo of a product is more important than product information, long description, or rating and reviews.”
Forbes magazine

When home buyers and sellers are browsing through listings online, are they only building assumptions about the homes on the market? No, they are also developing a picture (no pun intended!) of the real estate agent selling those homes as well.

And if 67% say an image is very important, and more than half of them say a high-quality photo really matters, then it stands to reason that an agent with amazing photos for all of their listings is going to get their attention.

Note though that this is only going to get more serious for agents as we move into the future and the millennial generation, which has grown up with social media and their focus on visual marketing, moves into the buying market.

The photos are the most important part of a real estate marketing campaign:

In the 2017 Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends Report they found that buyers looking at properties online rated photos as the most “useful” feature, higher even than detailed information about the property, and twice as useful as contact details for the agent selling the property.

What are the implications from this?

Primarily it means that real estate agents need to carefully consider the images they are using because those photos get a LOT of attention, and have a bigger role to play than details about the home or an agent’s contact details.

The Circle of Happy Agents, Buyers and Sellers

In trying to understand the impact that photo quality has on  an agent’s success if may help to refer to The Circle of Happy Agents, Buyers and Sellers which works like this: better photography leads to more interested buyers …

… which leads to better sales which leads to more listings

… which leads to better photography which leads to more interested buyers

… which leads to better sales which leads to more listings

… and the circle continues ad infinitum.

The Circle of Happy Agents, Buyers and Sellers all starts with high quality real estate photography. That’s what gets the Circle started and keeps it rolling.

If you are seeking to be a better, more successful agent, or you are a good agent but wanting to stay ahead of the competition, then investing in quality photography is something that needs to happen at the start of the journey, not the end.

That’s where we can help.

Spaces 808: The secret weapon behind some of Kailua-Kona’s best real estate agents

At Spaces 808 we specialize in the photography of buildings inside and out across Kailua-Kona and the Big Island. Our focus at all times is on exceptional quality in our photography, prompt and efficient service, and a committment to seeing our real estate partners succeed in attracting more listings and more sales.

We work with our partners as a team, focusing on delivering a superior result for them and their valued homesellers. At Spaces 808 we do that in the following ways:

  • Superior photographic knowledge

    We know how to shoot a home, and we are very, very good at it. Our focus on delivering crystal clear images that agents and owners love is second to none.

  • A simple pricing plan

    We include everything our clients need in one simple plan. No requirements to pay extra for next-day delivery, or surprising charges. Just a simple flat rate that includes the lot.

  • Exceptional communication

    We know how frustrating it can be when you don’t know what’s happening. We focus on keeping our partners fully informed on their bookings and when we will be there so they can confidently speak with their clients, knowing we’ll be there when we said we would.

See what some of our clients have to say:

“I could not be happier with the service provided by BRE Photography. They are excellent communicators and they always arrive on time for my photo shoots so that I can keep my day running to schedule.”Bob James, real estate agent
“Absolutely brilliant! I am so glad I found BRE Photography. They’ve helped me pickup an extra 19 listings on what I did in the same 12 month period last year.”Jan Williams, real estate agent

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee

Spaces 808 offers a 100%, no questions asked, totally unbeatable guarantee with absolutely no risk to you.

If you are not satisfied with the photographs we will either come back and shoot again, or you can hand the photos back and pay nothing.

All the risk is laid on my shoulders – I shoot the photos, and you be the judge. The decision is completely up to you or the home owners.

What exactly is included in our guarantee?


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“These photographers have shown themselves to be committed to learning and improving their craft, providing the highest quality service to their clients, and uniting together to support their fellow photographers around the world.”

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Not sure if you really need this?

If you’re thinking that this all sounds great but you still have a few questions then let’s run through some of those now …

“Don’t all photography companies do basically the same thing?”

When it comes to choosing a real estate agent you get what you pay for. Some are better than others, and a really good agent is not going to be one of the cheapest. Photographers are exactly the same.

There are cheaper photographers out there, but their focus is on doing the highest possible number of shoots in a day as possible, and so they are trying to rush through a photo shoot as quickly as possible. That creates a poor impression with the homeowner who is home at the time, and that reflects poorly on the agent that recommended them.

Other photographers are just getting started in real estate photography, and they start out cheap to get more clients but their lack of experience shows through.