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When you’re trying to get more sellers here in Hawaii then you need images and marketing that match your pricing and your brand.

Some Realtors try and justify the use of cheaper photography because they say that it’s not worth spending too much.

The problem with this is that those images and videos are damaging the reputation of that Realtor for as long as they are online. If the photos and other visual marketing elements are not making those potential clients say, “Wow, I’d love to have that Realtor sell my house!” then those images shouldn’t be used.

In fact, they may even be causing that Realtor to lose clients.

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You want the photos of your listings to be doing these three things:

Match Your Brand

If your business is trying to be seen as high-quality seller representation, then your photos need to match that level of quality or potential sellers will see a disconnect. It’s all about branding, and ensuring continuity between all that you do, including the photos that you use.

Maximize Your Value

Regardless of your price positioning in your market here in Hawaii, when you use the right photos then they can make it seem as though you should be charging more for what you do because your level of service and visual branding look incredible.

Achieve Outcome

Home buyers are attracted to home listings that look amazing online or in print material. If the photos don’t look appealing, then they’ll move on to the next listing that shows up in a Google search, or turn to the next page in a magazine.

Spaces808: The Secret Weapon Behind Hawaii’s Most Successful Realtors

A Few Samples of Our Work

If you’re looking for a real estate photographer in Hawaii then consider Spaces808.

We specialize in the photography of real estate across the Big Island and throughout the state of Hawaii. Owner and lead photographer Jonathan Davis consistently delivers exceptional photography, amazing videos, prompt and efficient service and professional insight to help his clients grow bigger and better businesses.

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Spaces808 Offers a 100%, No Questions Asked, Totally Unbeatable Guarantee With Absolutely No Risk to You.

If you are not satisfied with the photographs we will either come back and shoot again, or you can hand the photos back and pay nothing.

All the risk is laid on our shoulders –We shoot the photos, and you be the judge. The decision is completely up to you.

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